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Eco-Play is a range of playground equipment exported under the label of Europlay, characterized by their environmentally friendly and playful character and connected to the surrounding nature. This is made possible because of the use of untreated, durable wood species in their natural shape.

Why robinia wood?

Beams in robinia wood have a natural curve, little sapwood and high durability. This wood species creates the feeling of an environment full of woods, even when situated in the city.

Why nature as an inspiration?

With the Eco-Play playground equipment you can create a playground with love and respect for children and nature. The appearance of the playground equipment gives an environmentally friendly look to the world of concrete.

Does this playground equipment add an extra play value?

Children like to push their boundaries. Crossing a curved beam is much more challenging than crossing a straight beam. Using beams with a natural curve creates several new playing possibilities. Because of the combination of nets and ropes in polypropylene rope every Eco-Play playground equipment becomes a real jungle.

What about cracks in robinia posts?

We make use of robinia heartwood. This means that natural length cracks are considered as a normal phenomenon. Wood is a natural product which is constantly subject to drought and humidity. In case of nice weather, round wood starts shrinking in the direction of its growth rings, creating surface cracks. These cracks tend to get smaller again in humid times.

As a consequence, natural cracks – up to 3-4% of the circumference – are a normal sign in dry times. This will, however, never cause a post to break, because length cracks never appear in a straight line. The cracks are interrupted regularly as they follow the natural growth of the tree. That is why it does not affect the general safety. Moreover, cracks always tend to be V-shaped, so there will also never occur a problem with relation to finger entrapment.