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What is the difference between the A-support system and the B-support system?

The A-support system is used when the playground equipment is installed in a soft underground in which can be dug or which can be broken (e.g. grass, concrete tiles as well). So the A-support system means that the equipment is put into the ground. The B-support system is used when the equipment is put onto poured concrete or asphalt. Here, it is really hard to break open the underground. The use of the B-support system is rather exceptional. It is only used when the A-support system really cannot be used.

Can anyone log onto the website?

No, only our dealers have access to the website. Are you in need of additional information or documents? Do not hesitate to contact us ( or 0032 52 22 66 22).

Can we have the playground equipment assembled and installed by your services?

Yes, we work with a highly experienced team that can install the equipment for you. Of course, you can install it yourself as well. Europlay equipment is always delivered with an extensive and clear assembly manual that guides you through the process step by step.

What about cracks in robinia posts?

We make use of robinia heartwood. This means that natural length cracks are considered as a normal phenomenon. Wood is a natural product which is constantly subject to drought and humidity. In case of nice weather, round wood starts shrinking in the direction of its growth rings, creating surface cracks. These cracks tend to get smaller again in humid times.

As a consequence, natural cracks - up to 3-4% of the circumference - are a normal sign in dry times. This will, however, never cause a post to break, because length cracks never appear in a straight line. The cracks are interrupted regularly as they follow the natural growth of the tree. That is why it does not affect the general safety.

Moreover, cracks always tend to be V-shaped, so there will also never occur a problem with relation to finger entrapment.